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Our Stru$gles...that hustle, one day at a time!

Super Human Monday


Today make others comfortable by showing generosity or by verbal verbosity.


Compliment You Tuesday


Having and showing confidence is your most predominant feature , go ahead  create your story, document!

So Unique Wednesday


Just because your a little different doesn't make you a freak... put to use your cool mystique. 

Persuasive Thursday


It's the day to be embracive, to get your point across and be persuasive 

Friday...the weekend is here!


It's the end of the week, when we can seek to be pampered and cuddled and catered, so chic!

Restful Saturday


Rest today

Be stressed less tomorrow 

Start a new day with positive thoughts, a peaceful mind and a distinctive smile

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Unfu*k Yourself

Your language describes your positive or negative thinking...positive self-talk can improve your sit

Your language describes your positive or negative thinking. Positive self-talk can improve your situation.

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Well-Read Black Girl


Writings of black women...shared with all who value the power of a story to help us understand ourselves.

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Let The Church Say Amen


While the good Reverend is tending his flock his family has gone astray.

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Michelle Obama's memoir, a work of deep reflection and mesmerizing storytelling.

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Make Your Bed


If you want to change the world make your bed - based on an incredible graduation speech.

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You Are A Badass


You are greatness so start living an awesome life!

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Inspired To Be A Writer


My Inspiration's

Missing You

I remember that day, the day you went away, when your granddaughter got the call, the call that surprised us all. Rushing to get there, not believing a word we heard but to imagine it's a dream, a dream thats blurred.

              You were just at my house, we 

were laughing and cooking out, you told a few of your jokes, that always kept us awoke. Then you gave us that talk, the one that made us think a lot,  think of how you raised us, with integrity and strength, of how you taught us to work within our precinct, that community is like family. To always respect and keep in good standards reputably.

               Although we can't see you, we think it's not fair. We're Missing You...praying and saying, we'll see you there!

In Loving Memory of my Dad

John H. Lang

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Cry No More

As long as I can remember, your body was sore and tender, you needed special Loving Care; in order to prepare...Cry No More

    You was like a ballerina that could dance to every song, my dads wife; his back bone...Cry No More

    Although you couldn't be with me, on my shopping spree, play dress up and have tea parties or whatever else I was seeking, in your heart you was always there believing...Cry No More

     The memories of you, laying in hospice care, drained and tired of trials and tribulations that God placed upon you there, offering oblations to become one of his angels...Cry No More

    We laid you to rest and made sure you was at your best, to enter the Kingdom of Heaven;  while looking after me with your Blessings...CRY NO MORE 

In Loving Memory of my Mom

Annie Laura Lang

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ADHD and Me

When my son was little....I couldn't believe what the Docter told me....he has ADHD. Now he's seventeen I realize where he got the gene.

     Focus is what the Doctor told me but it's like I'm under a spell of hocus pocus. While contemplating what would be my career....I never once thought I'll see things so clear,  when my son told me...stay positive Ma, we're going to one day, live to see a great year!

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