My Family attending a Graduation Ceremony. I'm right end my Mother in wheelchair, dad back right.


Stru$gles Indeed Blog mean just that, yes indeed we struggle, some more than others but,  "Without struggle there will be no progress." said Fredrick Douglas. When you can see a change for the better then you are succeeding towards your purpose in life.  You noticed I emphasized the $ symbol in Stru$gle due to it being our most substantial struggle, it revolves around us and we revolve around it. For the love of money, we got to have it.

     Hi my name is Lucretia Lang and I'm going to give you a daily dose of inspiration, motivation and other positive gestures that can be shared on this blog, just to let you know you are special and that you are not alone facing your struggles, I can't give you a hand out but I can give you a hand on how to cope through those days when you feel no self-worth  At one point in my life I felt confined as if I was in solitary and I had no purpose, so I started putting all my thoughts on paper, knowing I always had a passion to be a writer, but my passion became very therapeutic for me, now I'm writing to inspire. By getting your daily dose of encouragement you also can find out what's therapeutic for you, and find your self-worth.

     Family is special, you can't live with them and you can't live without them, love and cherish them while there here because my Mother and Father are deceased, although I feel them here in spirit I know I can never spend quality time with them here on earth. These pictures are memories of my Mother, Father, Grandfather with my kids, brothers, auntie, sis-n-laws and neices and nephews. In the first pic. I'm standing right front next to my Mother at a tender age of 29 and my Father right behind me....The're my inspiration that led me to believe that no one has power over you unless you let them, so.... never let anyone or anything take away your JIZAZZ!!!