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Death wall

Trumps wall will be the death of us all, if we don't get him blackwailed.

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Trigger Locked

Trigger locked handgun

Sometimes our kids get memory loss, even after your talks, so keep those guns trigger locked.

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Gov't Shutdown

Government shutdown

The gov't is shut down, we'll sure there's a circus in town and Trump is the biggest kid, enjoying the clowns, popcorn and all.

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Inspiring Cops

Trigger Inspiring cop

Well son look out for the doughnut shop, that's where all the trigger inspiring cops hang out.

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Exclaimed His Aim

It's not about the ball

It's not about the ball game, it's more about he exclaimed his aim.

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Movie app

Showbox was the best movie app but now it's cyberflix with a lot more dap.

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